The Middle Way


Is the One subject to the Laws of Cause and Effect
If I just drop out of the 3D
Does the Duality still follow me
If I can live from a different space
Can I move without the waste
Without the retrospective of time
Or the dark Satanic that used to be mine
Because they are more than Archetypes
They are a force field and it isn’t nice
To be betrayed and left to hunger
To call and answer an empty number
But I guess the reason may be heretofore
I don’t have to be who I was before
I don’t have to walk the path that you pave
Don’t have to be hero and don’t have to save
I can just let live and let die
Let go and let be and baby let cry
For when it comes down, it comes down to this
The eternal is something that I never miss
And it will pick up the pennies it drops
All is nothing and there’s nothing I’ve lost

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