Long Tongue Liar

My God is the Natural Law, it is Cause and Effect
People talk about Judgement Day but its not what you expect
A lining up of flaws and a man to call your name
An effigy of a life lived in burning shame
But rather than a tale of someone with a pen
It is a litany of what you will do again
For until you recognise the flawing in your skin
You have been condemned to live it again
As history repeats itself without a pause
You can call it Karma or a Cosmic Law
That what goes up comes down and the opposite
Must be the pendulum to swing back to regret
Until you find the Middle Way, the balance of the line
And walk on the tightrope of the Divine
Where everything’s a sinner and everything is true
And Unconsciousness arises in the space of you
So look and see yourself in the mirror of your eyes
There is no externality there to hear your cries
Only the responsible you can take yourself
Do not ever put that in the hands of someone else
Or a God who isn’t there, a man up in the sky
Who somehow will come down every time you cry
Because the Universe is this; an opening into Grace
Sometimes it can be fierce enough to cleanse your face
And you need only look at Lama Sabachthani
To know salvation comes to One before the many

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