“You’ve changed” she said and the words rang true
It sounded like “I don’t know you”
And I stood my startled feet
Listening to your heartbeat
As it rang in my ears
So I stopped all the tears
And swore to never cry again
Over a would be friend
But you had me at hello and now I lose
The power to even choose
The forgiveness in your stare
The freedom of being there
Call me perfect if you want
But my shadow is born to haunt
The halls of where we walk alone
The fields that I used to roam
Before time stole it all from me
Now graveside that I call free
As I stand like silent dog
To orate the years of fog
In losing Love to the absolute
A Death you can’t compute
An answer to never be
Why do you take him from me?
The grief, she said, so long
I forever will be strong
Than fall to caring futily
He will take it all from me
And never give it back again
The one, the other, doesn’t mend
Just repeats the same old song
You can love, just not for long

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