My Humanity

I switched it off because the pain
Was too much to bear again
After losing you just one time
I had to keep it with mine
Or I would’ve lost the life I own
I know we’re different and we’ve grown
But we will always be the same
And I hang my coat upon your name
I hang my heart upon your beat
I lay my sword at your feet
For you will and have always been
The King to my mighty Queen
So when the fragile breaks apart
Please don’t let it start
To crack walls and break the din
I’ll trust in you instead of Him
If you promise to never leave
And I can again believe
In something more, in something true
In another you
Instead of the adversary
Always daggering at me
I promise always to be real
If you let me feel
And in that so I can heal
It’s not my life but death you steal

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