“You can’t have what you want. Your dreams are a lie”
Really, here’s my friend pain and you’re gonna die
For daring to tell me not to try
You deserve everything you get when you cry
And I will not budge and I will not move
You dare me to win, well, you’re gonna lose
My fist will not break, my aim is true
And if you get in my way I will walk through
So best off be nice, best off be real
I don’t need liars to tell me what to feel
To tell me what is good, tell me what is just
I will do the worst if I must
To reach the whole that has been foretold
You can thank me in heaven coz I’m saving your soul
And better be lost for a day or two
Than for all time in the karma of you
Coz grace can be fierce when you push it that far
You better kill me if go for my heart