Stop Being Mean

I can feel the people’s energy
It pours out from them to me
And I try to hold it in my heart
But sometimes I break apart
And shatter myself on the floor
Because they tell me they need more
When I’ve given all I am
They don’t really understand
A half measure in a cup
Is not the thing that I call love
So when you say its not enough
I decide based on the above
To learn the truth and decide
You’ll live without me in your life
And I’m sorry if that is harsh
But you’re standing in the dark
And I can’t seem to wake you up
With the light of my love
So be a bitch all you like
I don’t budge for dynamite
Just watch you blow us to bits
Then walk away and call it quits
Because dead is better than alive
And you are ruining my life
With anger stares and bites
Goodbye to the firefights
That I can’t win though I try
It is time for us to die
And let it go, call it what it is
In the end, I can’t forgive

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