I used to be scared of the dark side
I would creep away and hide
Not because I felt small and weak
But I felt sure it would keep
If I just took a baby bite
Then I would be as dark as night
But isn’t that the point somehow
Day must be balanced in the now
And by crawling in a hovel
I invented a crime novel
With thieves, brigands and vagabonds
And me the victim to abscond
Because the danger in their eyes
Comes too close, the hero dies
And now I’m seeing finally
That they were in love with me
For daring to kiss the dark
That others saw as a shark
That others saw as mutiny
I prayed for the other half of me
So that I might be made whole
Instead of living half a soul
Always standing on tiptoe
And never sure where to go
Living by somebody’s dice
They throw it not once but twice
But this time its I they roll
Lets fall in love with a black hole
Infinite in its expanse
All that lives is free to dance

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