Love Bite

Here’s something I used to do;
Try and win the attention of people who didn’t like me
It only gave them another chance to spike me
With the lance of piercing soul
They’d make a mark and leave a hole
Which I’d patch up as best I could
And pardon them for spilling blood
Then try again to ascertain
Why they would like to cause me pain
And so it went perennially
Me, the idiot, stabbing me
Because when you look for that approve
You are always gonna lose
The whole has to be within
Ask outside and you’ll never win
There will always be a fault
Always too much cash in the vault
Always too bright a shine
Always taking what should be mine
But turn attention just away
And you don’t hear what they say
See its your eyes that gives them power
See them big and they tower
But see them just as they are
And they can have all your heart
Without it moving from your chest
And you can still be the best
For the faults and flaws therein they lie
You did not have to die
In vain for the sins of the other
No sister can save her brother
Only touch hands in death and life
I wouldn’t want to do it twice

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