Lady and the Tramp

The great invalidate
Can you please get me out of this place
Where one will sell and the other buy
Repeat, reuse and wash til you die
Jesus Christ, will you just call it off
I own my shit but I don’t pay the cost
Of hungering another arse
Why did I give you a pass?
And my bollexery was this
Believing love is in a kiss
Though I move silent alone
Solitary is my home
And yet in honesty and faith
You put your heart onto my plate
And said eat and enjoy
I looked and turned to the boy
It will hurt when the knife goes in
Its fine, he says, and I to him
In trepidation took a bite
Yeah, that’s fine, that’s alright
But love is something you can’t consume
I learned that horror to my doom
While lying longways in my room
Knowing that the end came soon
For having my cake and poison too
I ate the darkness that lives in you
And vomited myself up for years
Wondering why I cried tears
For a no one I can’t be
Why did you do this to me?
And the answer remains the same
If love is true, don’t play the game
Just stand silent on the hill
And let the chorus fall by will
Let the aggrandize despise
Be its own dark demise
In the knocking on the door
I loved in vain but no more
Because people are as people do
And its a curse to see the best in you
When realism bites the tale
It is I who impale
On the spike of never be
I want you to know what you did to me
Though its doubtful that you care
Only silence me with a stare
Of false accountability
The Devil and my History
Lesson about the Fall of Man
Bend the Knee, if you can

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