Bí Cúramach, a Chara

There’s an edge of violence in my stare
Don’t mess with a Sand Snake in her lair
Because I hold within the dark feminine
And the woman has died a thousand times
At the hands of a thousand men
And they do it over again
Always breeding with the false
I see one and list their faults
And notice all how they relate
To me out of that state
And the anger burns for all the cries
Of the silent one who dies
In fields afar, in fields alone
At the hands of a tome
That etches scrawls onto her face
The beauty that it does deface
When it seeks itself in a flower
But calls the darkness inside power
To rain on all the subtle things
But I will give this bird back wings
Even if fire of my own
Must shake the shackles that have been sown
In every heart that never meets
The dragon lady indiscreet
Come what may, come as you are
But beware if you come with a heart
That breaks when truth comes dropping slow
Don’t come to me if it is so
The rippling of the lone wolf thunder
Don’t wake the Beast to feed her hunger
Unless you mean to quench the thirst
Of the bloodlust that comes first
When the Handmaid’s tale is told
I will die before I fold
My house of cards into the folly
I’m to be true not your Lolly

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