How stupid was the Laura child
To believe love could be wild
To believe you could run in fields
With someone who would yield
To you like you do to them
But that is the thing with men
That control is relational
And obsession sensational
To knock down the ardent queen
Who once upon a time and dream
Was all that you could say
To please not go away
But the thing I have learned
In the years the anger burned
That the truth will stand itself
And I am for no one else
But the sanctity of the soul
That a body is not whole
Without someone to fit the size
I tell you who speaks the lie
The defenders of the faith I’m in
The ones who ran me into him
With their sheer lack of talk
He broke my back, now I can’t walk
But stillness breaks across my shore
Again just as it was before
But this time as a real boy
Not Pinocchio the toy

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