You throw yourself out like a compliment
Like I should be glad for a half measure
Of whiskey in my glass
When I asked for a cup
But you don’t even want to give that much
And I don’t want to take
Something that isn’t mine
I only said it coz you seemed fine
With me and chill
Now you say you never will
Be anything more than just a friend
And our love must end
But even friendship by design
Must fit a bill that isn’t mine
So I say no, it doesn’t work like that
I give you myself and I take it back
Once I realise that you
Didn’t mean what you said you’d do
It was only a deep cajole
That caught the edge of a soul
That hungered for the something more
But I know now what I didn’t before
That to trust intuition is fine
But don’t forget to walk the line
Or the switch will catch your back
Never mind, don’t lift the latch