Immortal Love

Two bodies, a boy and a girl
Swimming in ink inside a world
Two bodies, a girl and a boy
Playing with each other as though with a toy
Two bodies at swim
How do I get into him
And I can’t
And I shan’t
But I look, and I stare
What is it that I see there
Is it a body, in his eyes
Or something that never dies
As black as the night
Or deep as kryptonite
That fells me
And tells me
To trust
And I must
Run away
To see what will he say
But silence, midnight and no repose
What is it that I chose
Immortal love, or surefire death
Now I live in regret
And the sex
Is what I suspect
Had me undone
Because I thought the One
Had no body to love
But above
As below
With nothing to show
Two bodies, a boy and a girl
All made up in the world
And unfurled
Is a rose
Or a four leafed clover
What chose her
Love or deception
Truth or inception
Two bodies or immortal love
As below, so above

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