The Stiflement

I would rather be real than okay
So I’ll do what you say
Just because its new
And looks like it will do
For now but not for then
There will come a time when
I grow out of my foolish youth
Always casting shadows after you
And into the gaze of eternity
Where nothing is lacking and everything’s free
But until then I love to jump ship
And ride waves that crest over everything
And slide down shallows into a rockpool
Everything’s fine and everything’s cool
As long as it doesn’t hold me back
Clip my wings onto my back
Hold me into a static thunder
Where my head feels like its going under
Because then is the only time that I
Feel my life is going to die
Feel the bird flap against the cage
Feel the terror in me rage
Against the barricades of the machine
The darkness of an empty dream
So I decide enough of that
I’m Simba and I’m going back
To Hakuna Matata responsibly
The desert has done with me
And Pride Rock is calling me to renew
I thought of Scar and what he will do
Knew I’d have to face him down
If I wanna bring life into the town
And it was a fight and a half against them
The lionesses believe that it was him
Who did it, not me but the answer was this
He came to the Gorge for something he’d miss
So say what you’d like, say what you’d will
I didn’t pull the trigger but I still kill
With a beauty that runs people down
The antelope shaky ground
So hiding the light and hiding the shine
Pretending to others I just do hard time
But it isn’t true, it isn’t real
You know how I really feel
Afraid to admit what I know is true
Coz you’d die for me like I’d die for you
And I’ve had more than my fair share of that
So “Run Simba and don’t come back”
Rings in my ears with each step I take
I fight through the fear for what I forsake
For when they all know, when they all hear
Will they all still hold me dear
Or will they turn on me like before
Because I’m not the something more
But “Remember” echoes from the sky
And my Father meets my eye
The one in the heavenly realm
The one nothing could overwhelm
To urge me onwards through the overpass
Now I am back home at last
Soaking the carnage I left behind
How did it get so out of my mind
That leaving a lunatic to run the show
Was never the best way to go
And time’s up fellas, time’s up life
Its Nala and I for all of time
To reign over the Circle of Life
A completion I don’t have to fight


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