Rise Of The Tomb Raider

I steal bodies from their graves
Like King Tut was taken from his cave
And there were curses placed on me
Scarab beetles were set free
Pandora’s box was opened wide
I said let me see inside
Because there is no darkness enough
To scare me away from love
But the forests were long and deep
And I had promises to keep
Search far and wide into the night
Down for the ride and up for the fight
But even my arrows break in half
I tell the truth and they laugh
So I must be persistently
Putting faith in the best of me
Instead of into others hands
Where they slip it through the sands
Like time in another lot
An hourglass I’m thinking of
But Lara is as Lara does
And Lara is who she was because
A rose by any other name
Still smells as sweet if its the same
So bring it to me here right now
And I’ll Tomb Raid this Earth somehow
Cause all the people they are sleeping
Everlong the widows weeping
Having found the Whole in One
I will see it undone

Artwork: https://theomeganerd.deviantart.com/art/GI-Cover-Gif-Edit-Rise-of-The-Tomb-Raider-511591660

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