If my pain is irrational
Then your irrationality is pain
How you can scream at me
And make me take the blame
Put it on my head
All the pushing forth
Then say I amn’t sorry
And show no remorse
But the truth is is this
That I never did a thing
All was supposition
When you heard me sing
And sometimes a canary
Can be brilliant bright
Maybe my yellow
Burnt your eyes tonight
But all of your hostility
And all of the poison seep
May sink into my veins
And bed itself in so deep
But like the python trainer
I know how to suck it out
By leaving you standing
You’ll learn what I’m about
That I never was a child
To hang upon your tail
I’ve always been a tower
And your attempts will fail
To keep me from the Light
Its my birthright to shine
So if you do not like it
No one asked you to, its fine