Giving It My All


It shatters my good girl cred when someone calls me a bitch
But now after years upon years, I’m finally warming to it
Finally learning to walk just as I am
And if you hate what you have got then I understand
Just don’t expect me to ever move or change
If you don’t like the furniture then you rearrange
Or tell me the problem, tell me the issue here
Do not give me daggers and call me insincere
Coz I’m nothing if not honest, almost to a fault
Hands up who robbed the bank; I was in the vault
So even though you know, and even though you care
I cannot be myself if the love isn’t there
And love to me means freedom to always be yourself
You don’t like it you can leave me for someone else
Or something that you do want to sit with in the night
But I won’t apologise for my soul’s insight
Or the worry that I do up against the fray
I know all pain is born to go away
Coz nothing lasts forever, everything will leave
So before it happens I make sure I grieve
And know what I’m missing before its gone
Then I can say honestly, I love you and so long

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