Don’t you Pharisee at me
Delusions of grandiosity?
But Awakening? No, its epilepsy
See here we’ll scan your brain
See if we can reduce the pain
Okay well what if you see
A shard of exceptionality
Could you let me in on that?
I’m sure we’ll find only black

So the neuro guy comes to call
I say sup, Imma call you Paul
Coz on the road to Damascus I convert
Another one who loves to hurt
And he pulls out his phone
Shows me pictures he paints at home
And artwork on the streets of France
“In Pariii is where I dance”
And I let him leave thinking, the scan?
“Eh, I don’t remember, not sure if I can”

So on the sofa in the commons
I was watching windows and red robins
And that fucking song they always play
John Legend repeating what I want to say
But with a vibe and melody I hate
I do think the video is great
Can the radio station be changed
No, I’m sorry, you’re deranged

And so I fake as fuck as fast
Its forever this could last
And hooking wires into me
Why do I need an ECG?
I don’t think it reads broken hearts
Yeah but we need it for the charts