I resent psychiatry
It doesn’t speak to the heart of me
It is all reductionism
All ardent relativism
And there are no kernels there
No truth at which I can stare
Only a brandishing of a knife
Do this because it is right
And as I say alright
Or you will regret the fight
So the rebel in my bones
Purposefully throws stones
At their shield of hate
You know nothing about my state
You know nothing of what I am
There is nothing you understand
You categorise and fool
Yourself into thinking your tool
Is more than simpatico
Just, will you just, let me go
But the chains held firm
I had to learn what it is to burn
Under the oppression of another being
But it was good for the seeing
Because in the solitary confine
Of the darkness that is mine
I opened my third eye blind
Now it is I who will be kindperfectly-looped-gif-seemless