I wanted to be with you more than I wanted to not hurt
Because for a moment I felt like I’d been picked up from the dirt
Because in all the years
No one even saw me crying tears
Nevermind wipe them off
With the cuff of a sleeve of soft love
And I swore if I could only fix my mistake
I would understand and do what it might take
But the harder I tried, the deeper the shard
And the more I tried to send you a card
The further your letterbox seemed to be
Are you avoiding me?
And I think the answer is yes
I didn’t know, if you could guess
I thought it was I who blew you off
Inadvertently at a loss
But the disappearance was so profound
That I never even heard the sound
Of your tiptoe out the door
And I kept trying to give more
To a cardboard cutout kid
Til the day I lift the lid
And see there’s no real boy inside
Only the lie that I abide