One thing about me is I’m take it or leave it
I won’t force anyone to believe it
But somewhere in my heart of hearts
I know that my life’s an art
And when the haters all let fly
It makes me curl up and die
In a ball I can’t escape
Because everyone is full of hate
But when you shut up shop like that
There is something you cannot get back
Because that internal shine
Is not theirs to undermine
And the thing about the sun
Is it will shine when life is done
It will go on when we are gone
And I’m sorry but you are just wrong
And will learn in the infinite
No danger days kill me, alright
Or make me dim the light I own
In fact I think my love has grown
And birthed me into Godly peace
I thanked the Lord to decease
In the upending that I hid
As a result of what you did
And in the years to come
I will proclaim how I begun

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