Fear and Consequences Of My Own Making


Those words of warning rang in my ears
So I tremble when the time nears
Because somehow I saw you coming
And had foreseen the succumbing
That would follow our grand meet cute
But I’m afraid its not hirsute
That it is deep and echoed long
What if I am not that strong
Maybe you misread the fear
But there are forces dear
That are outside our control
And when the tide rises the waves roll
Its not that I doubted you
Romeo wore a shirt of blue
And look how that turned out
He’s in the garden; Shut your mouth
Because if they find your bones
Monsters will start throwing stones
To keep the lovers long apart
Its threatening to a closed heart
Because when everyone will see
They think and wish that that was me
And do the dark deliberate
Didn’t you know what lay in wait
That our karma is fresh
There’s nothing that we need to get
But for the twin flame tower
To be tested in its power
It must meet the wrath of men
Egoically to defend
The significance deep of love
I lose you so to rise above

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