Love Is


Do you remember our New Year’s Eve?
The one with the locket hid up your sleeve
The one with the smile resounding your face
The one night in my life that did not go to waste
But the following day was a shattering storm
And I lay in bed to keep myself warm
Hearing the windows and the latches all smash
You whispered in ears; I’m not coming back
And I bowled up inside and I curled in a ball
Please let him come to call
But I know and I knew what wasn’t to be
The choosing was done and it wasn’t me
So when I rose and went to the edge
My voice it was even but my soul it was dead
Without the fire which heretofore
Had given meaning absent before
And now in the ashes left in the wake
I wonder of waves despues the quake
And even in hunger, even in lies
You are something I could never despise
No matter what you ever could do
The home in my heart is always for you
And even though I resist the defence
I’m praying you answer where the love went
Because the truth always will be
Come hell or high water, interminably

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