I Love You

He’ll never love you, it’s over, it’s done
I cried on her shoulder because he is the one
And she seemed to take pleasure of a peculiar sort
In having me as part of that cohort
To fall down on my knees and prostrate
Myself before God and another state
But even though hunger and marchings in arm
Build up defiance and false alarm
I’ve nowhere to go and no way to care
Coz whatever it is, he isn’t there
So I just fall and let me go limp
And then there’s commotion to horror the pimp
Because no other man could rise
Me to a state I wouldn’t despise
Because all would be a reminder of him
And how I left to go within
And how I managed for years and years
Never knowing in truth he cried blue tears
Without me there, without me near
And now its all so crystal clear
That I shattered the one soul I love
With my defiant cut above
And even though I hung the gate
I’m afraid he couldn’t wait
To up and out another way
Blame him, well I couldn’t say
He was wrong because would you
Wait for someone who
Had been the long gone thief
Seeking to test belief
And loneliness on the stoop
I took years to recoup
From the folly of being me
I shattered glass to be free

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