The Destroying Angel

Coming to terms with the dark archetype
Its been living in me like kryptonite
And I’ve been fighting to be a good girl
But there is a land mine that blows up my world
Because I am so angry at all that’s unjust
And when I quell the storm I do not trust
That it is gone and not merely at bay
And explodes outward again when I look away
So I am coming to slowly embrace
The she-devil inside that I will trace
The angel built to destroy and renew
There’s no limit to what the devastation will do
Because Rome was not built in a day
And it took many eons to flood wash away
All of the lies and all of the ruins
All of the stories and their undoings
And I’m coming to learn, I’m coming to see
That in this shitstorm I rely on me
And can trust in the two hands at the end of my arms
Bring it, she says, and I pull the alarms

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