Holly Tree

robin in holly tree

I am a gift to be savoured, I am love to be enjoyed
I am not free and favored by all of the boys
And when there is movement in unintentioned pain
I fall down upon them like acid rain
I never see it coming and I never hold back
If they use their anger then I attack
And I show no mercy like no mercy is shown
Like the leaves on the trees, all withered and blown
Like the harbingers of doom the prophets foresee
Like the way they look down when they talk to me
Like the way they try to pave their own road
But their burden to bear is not mine to load
And I will not carry the weight of their hate
The weight of their futile all steam and irate
The weight of their hunger, the weight of their trials
The fire of their fury and fervent denials
Because I have seen much and I have seen long
I know what I am and where I belong
And am not to be moved by friend, foe or folly
If you don’t want to be stung then you shouldn’t pick holly.

Photo Credit: Barrie Kelly

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