Tear My Hair Out


The twin flame adage seems to be this
I’ll run and you chase or the other way round
But we never made that sound
Ours was a calamitous affair
I’m here and you’re there
And we can never touch
The seas are too rough
And you would kill me, drag me down
You shudder when I come around
Because you know I’m right
And you don’t want to light
That fire in your heart just yet
And I forget
What its like to feel alive
But I survive
And sometimes I want to Shakespeare it up
Trade my life for my love
But I am stopped by the invisible barrier I cannot cross
All is not lost
I am told
Just follow the directions as I move
Its a game you cannot lose
For there rides on this more than you can know
You must let him go
Let him think what he likes
Let him fill you with spikes
It is no matter
Because like batter
You will rise when the time is right
But Jesus Christ, I don’t want to fight
I conflict avoid
And you’re still a boy

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