I love to play the bad guy and take the blame
Then when they get mad I can say its always the same
Coz no one really cares, no one ever asks
And everybody’s hiding behind their happy masks
While they point the finger so I can be the one
Point it if you chose, it feels like a gun
As you take aim and sear me with your words
And I relish the ostracize because they never heard
The things I didn’t utter, the profound I am
They’ll all be sorry when I become a man
And stand up for what I mean, the thing that they beat down
But its been twenty years and I’m still living in this town
And you can’t build tomorrow on what you will do
If I want to make a change then I must be true
And revolve the world and remake the story
My love can move mountains and bring back the glory
Of a bygone era, of a bygone time
When hunger was our problem for the destiny sublime