Bring It

Called a bitch in the club…
What of?
Don’t sidle this way no more
Unless you want a fist through the floor
Or the roof of your mouth
Handing it out
Is not what I’m about

But you must hate men
If you don’t go again
When he asks
But behind the masks
I sense
A growing omnipotence
Of desire and hate
That makes me irate
I dare you to try
I ain’t gonna cry

When you spit words in my face
About disgrace
And lies
But I despise
Your attitude
And the megalomania you exude
We aren’t your toys
Someone’s gotta tell some of these boys
Coz the game is the same
Whether its Weinstein or Joe Blow calling your name
And I don’t plan to scare
So hit me if you dare
I won’t back down
Bring it, I’m sound

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