The Supposition of Masculine Power


The supposition of masculine power, where ownership is key
About five minutes in, I realise it’s me
That they are drawing down, that they are pulling in
And I have to back off because I love Him
The symbol of freedom, the symbol of love
I have always been captivated by God above
The ever present hero in the midnight of my soul
Who lifts me when I’m down and remakes me whole
And I can stay as friends or even as a bro
But I can never be your chick, your girl, your ‘ho
Coz I’ve found something better, so far beyond the pale
And my integrity is not up for sale
You say there is no price, you say that all is free
Then you question why I will not trade my dignity
So if you love me sideways, then you can love head on
Don’t hate my beautify and wonder why I’m gone
For I stand the ground I own and I own what I am
Maybe this is why it never goes to plan…..
Or maybe it’s that I am just too hard to hold
I’m always diamond mining and searching for gold
Always staring at the sea to Moana the age
Or Atlantify, hiding in a cave

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