so cute puppy

I’ve spent so long being everyone’s bitch
Scared of the moment that they’ll pull the stitch
And undo the lining of thread
Reopen the wound that pounds in my head
Of a time when eyes all turned avert
And a friend taught me how to hurt
How to feel the pain just slow
And hard laughter so I would know
What its like on the outside
But I’ve known that honey, I am alive

Then a single word in an open room
Crashes the walls in on my doom
So the whole thing is reeling, its all aspin
And I wake up to the darkness that warms me within
Find my peace in retribution
I will be my own final solution
To behoove all their tears
Though I have not gone there in years
For the shame of a time I spent on the floor
I ran for an eon but I’ll run no more
Turn inward to reflect
On a life lived in regret

Because the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
Is a lie I concocted when I left it behind
And I hopscotch their questions when they do not see
Its only the silence that’s ever known me
Only the night and only the day
A double entendre I cannot make stay