children of life

Is the burden of it too much to bear
And its not that you don’t, its that you do care
And can barely move to contemplate
Another in a similar state
As you move with lines and prove
An artist traces when they need shoes
And you can carry off the feat
Which stutters lamplights on the street
And even though I met your soul
I doubt it now that you are old
And so much like the others
Not outlaws but a band of brothers
Who sit and rest and sip tea
My Lord, I wish you were with me
Out hunting skulls in Joannas back yard
Where the headstones and the ground was hard
And little brigands to and fro
Go where they’re not supposed to go
Only to be called from there within
Will we make a break, I said to him
But the gravity was too intense
In you come so in we went
And ever since then I’ve a longing to be
Where the sky meets the sea
And perfect blue reverberates
Into eyes that heaven hates
So I scrawl my words on hats
I’m going where there are no maps
And entertain no return
If this is love then let it burn


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