Why is everything so perfect when you say it
It just sounds like shit from my mouth
Why do you have darkness down to a fine art
It always seems like I’m just trying it out
And why are you so monumental
When I am just shallow in my grave
Why are you a superhero
And I’m the one you didn’t save
If you could tell me that would really be great
Cause I’m trying to live without you
Why does every song ever written
Somehow seem to be about you
And I love you and I hate you
In the cradle you hold your head
Why was I the one to stop the bullet
I took the hit instead
And I am so thin on the ground
Just a scrawny little girl
You need a woman to hold your hand
I’m still living in my own world
That never perforates reality
I have to say I like it like that
You rock and roll your way out of town
Something tells me that you’ll be back