Tower Heist

I've never been so sure and I've never been so scared
I'm learning to trust in something where I'm totally unprepared
I know you're just a picture and a memory in my head
Its just you light my heart up with your fiery soul thread
I see you in my sleep when I lay me down to rest
And although you are long gone, somehow you never left
I think of all the times when I thought of you before
Just there to hug me softly when I never needed it more
And now my legs are strong as I stand from my wheelchair
I stumble and I fall but am picked up by everywhere
I can see your door as a lump rises in my throat
Fear and fascination leave me linger at your moat
I tapped a little knock and you let the drawbridge down 
Do I walk across it now or do I run back into town? 
I'm testing out the water, gauging boards of strength
But the time will come when faith walks across its length
Putting my life in your hands and hoping I don't drown
But you're worth whatever I risk even if all of me goes down

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