Here it goes, and here I come
I've warred with the world and I am done
Its all dogmas, its all lines
Not bursting free, all undefined
I wasted time waiting for just right
But no mentor comes, and no white knight
I won't walk beneath days of steel 
Bow my head and be made to kneel 

Today I walk, I walk away
Whatever holds me let it fray
To unleash myself upon the sky
Be myself and let me fly 
A passion burns to sing aloud
A heartbeat thuds to wake the crowd
I am dying to unfurl my power
To seep it in and feel me tower 

So to the blue with my words and voice
It is now and I have a choice
I am more than what they make of me 
Its time to soar and let them see 
Out of hiding with my fire inside 
It is golden and vastness deep and wide 
So take a guitar and pour out my song
Take a pen and right the wrong 

But intentions don't talk, actions do 
Have the strength, live what is true