Changing For You

Did they come for me
I ran into the world of men
And got pulled out
By my own self doubt
And they turn the key
But there’s no locking up me
Coz I’m free
And not even a guy
Could ever try
To hold this down
Why is your place just outside of town
And I drive by it every day
Nod my head at the way
We once slotted into place
Now I’m an ardent disgrace
Professing my love to you
As the girls tell me to get a clue
He’s not real, it’s all in your head
And I shocked myself when I lay in bed
What if I permanently lose
Something that’s not mine to choose
And I pray I’ll stay your hand
They tell me it’s all grand
But I’ve got a snitch
In the way you called me a bitch
(Metaphorically speaking)
Living like you are a weakling
When you’re strong
Why did I belong
By your side
If we’re not alive
Or a thing
A broken wing
Aoibhín says
I refute her though
How could the people not know
That I am the queen of this domain
I can even rule the pain
And could it be part of the tapestry
That they tried to catch the mystery
And pin it in place
Say that they can read it on my face
I think they’re illiterate
Coz I’m cool with the flirt
Of the guy behind the desk
What is it I suggest
When I’m staring at you
I’ve never seen that colour blue
In the real world
I wake up and the girl
Walked me down the hall
I want to give up on it all
But life smacks me with a stick
Like some kind of zen master being a dick
Til I balance on my own
Why did I let it be shown
That I’m vulnerable and soft
Now I hold the memory aloft
Of us by the coast
Til you left me like a ghost
And they’re putting the shackles on me
How could this be meant to be
As I see the sun go down
On a tight fitting dream gown
I scream into the mirror
But it doesn’t get any clearer
Or bring you back
Is love the absence of lack
I don’t think it’s an illusion
As they try to persuade me that confusion
Guided my pen
Are they coming for me

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