A Return To Sender

She came back
And it wasn’t just to attack
Me for all I never was
She was there just because
And I rolled with the tears
Like tsunami years
As I lived in a foreign land
A city or don’t you understand
How I craved to be there with you
My replacement’s looking good too
But somehow I find her in my zone
And again I am not alone
As in the days of yore
What I call a time before
Before we grew into the ego casing
Did we even know what we were facing
Into as the tide will roar
But you only go low so you can soar
Like a bird in the sky
And someday we both will die
Of old age, illness or accident
And we wonder where the childhood went
As though having been heaven sent
We’re pulled back into argument
And there is a rise in the waters at bay
I always wonder if you’re okay
But I daren’t ask
Because it might crack the mask
That hides the gold Buddha beneath
We fight then we get back on our feet
And is winter long, do you suppose
And I wore someone else’s clothes
As though they fit
And I gotta say I loved it
Always wondering about future nostalgia tones
As we both share ourselves on phones
And he manipulate
Me into that state
Where I’m pliant in his hands
And the clothes get pulled from the lands
Til the darkness at the core
Pulls me into its depth and I adore
As we wind rivers of disassociation
Epicness and conflagration
As erstwhile we grow our souls
Up and out of the roles
That are preordained
And our relationship is a little bit strained
Like a muscle taught from tension
Or vague in the alley of apprehension
Of what may never come to be
But I lose my eyes to see
From the soul that drags me to and fro
Everything is screaming just let go
But I don’t know how
So I give in and allow
You to be all you are
I learned from you, my ardent star

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