The Man I See

Yours is the name my heart spells out
Though I walk in the valley of doubt
To the music of the passing years
The great adventure, the sea of tears
That I shed like a single drop
Of blood that is all I am not
In the avenues and in the dark
The shiver I get walking through the park
In monuments and in tomes
In the running away and the coming homes
To find out what I’d been missing
And the people I dream of kissing
As they salute me from afar
And I wonder at what you are
To age but never fade away
I write about you, is that okay?
And is it too late to ask
I loved the man in the iron mask
That let it go for a moment or two
And I swear the stars shine from you
As you cast this glow, this heavenly sphere
I whisper words when you come near
In case you hear what I really mean
I love you, babe, you are the dream

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