Brandishing My Title

I'm brandishing my title 
I'm making war with earth
I'm fighting with my own self
And Lord, does it hurt 
Coz I can never be 
Or measure up to 
The sky I see so effortlessly
Reflecting itself in you
And all of my tries
All of my futile attempts
Only lead me to wondering 
Where it all went 
As magnificent is the domain 
A cloud pours itself down as rain
And I'm left staring at the ground
Coz I can see its silent sound
As it utters itself to me
What is it you think I'll be 
In my moments held aloft
Or in the moss so soft
As I patchwork my feet across
The winter I had thought 
Would be the summer in me
Now there's icicles growing on the tree
And all I can see
Is eternity 
In the arid and plain
But all of a shot it's spring again 
And I'm free as a bird
To fly with the word
That just dances across my mind
What is it, you think, have I left behind

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