Sapphire Diamonds

I feel the burn of fire again
It starts when others say when
And it will continue until
I turn my heart toward it at will
And allow it to become what it is
I guess this is my own life to live
And I can’t equivocate or I’m pulled asunder
Drawn into the fear of being just a number
I wake and I’m horrified
At all the deaths that I have died
On the way to my immortal being
I guess it is a new way of seeing
As ashen faced I look in the mirror
I meet eyes but do I really see her
When I look at another in the waves
It’s a city that it saves
When all the concrete reflects the sky
And no one knows what it is to cry
In the avenues that we make
I close my eyes at each breath I take
Hoping it will be something new
I am reliant upon you

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