The State Of Dreaming

The fabric of time is spread like a veil
Across the land and without fail
It seems to obscure the shining light
That God brings forth with all Its might
And there was a moment when I pierced through
It saw me and I see you
As the heavy folds and creases of success
Supplanted themself in the dress
The cosmos wears to fresh eyes
And I saw through earthly disguise
As everything enveloped and was new
And it whispered winds as the breath of you
In sudden realizations and gradual growth
I develop the strength inside It sowed
To finally wake and see
That everything is all it should be
And that Reality
Never fails to be free
And hold us all together
Make the seasons, change the weather
And bring back what you lost
Love is Beauty and there’s no cost

Photo by Tobias Tullius on

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