The Divine Spark

The Divine Spark of Consciousness 
That burns in us all
Doesn’t matter if you’re short
It don’t matter if you’re tall
It is the substratum
Behind every seeing
It is the peace
Of your Pure Being
It is the light
That illumines the sky
It’s the part of you
That’s not gonna die
Because it is everywhere
Omnipresent joy
In the world of a girl
Or the life of a boy
Beyond the dualism
Of our temperament
It is love
It is heaven sent
And you can only know it
By being it you see
I would not have believed
But it happened to me
Pulled all the covers
Of an egoic skin
I’m not left or right
But I am of Him
As he points out the way
Beyond the clouds to above
Using the metaphor
Of a Holy Dove
And it’s you and it’s me
It’s all of us as One
I kneel down and worship
The only Son

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