He just lights up
Even more than he’s already lit
I never realized that love
Had something to do with it
And all of my forays
Somehow engender
A peace I
Don’t have to remember
Something always there
And abides
It just confides
In me to be
Honest and true
Even when you’re alone
There’s something loving you
As it falls from the sky
In sheets of rain
Or plays out in music
To glorious refrain
On a many stringed instrument
To let you know
You can have faith
And let the pain go
Let yourself be
And let your heart
Run free across
The fields it darts
To find a spring
Amid oceans of snow
It found me there
I thought I’d let you know
And out of the ground
I saw forests grow
With a river to flow
And there by the brook
Was the peace of my soul
It’s a story
That’s never been told
It is an ocean
And it is the sea
I abide and reside
In the core of me
And the flashing lights
And the buzzing of neon
Are nothing amidst
The silence of beyond
As everything rests
In its own place
A cosmic dance
In the middle of space
And the peace it imbues
Is of a lasting kind
Beyond the singular
Domain of the mind
Beyond the rigid
Way of knowing
Into a depth
That’s ever going
As I realise
That love is all
And open up
To its call

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