The Stars in the Night Sky

Do you see how the stars shine
Even in the night sky 
And in fact 
The only reason why 
You can see them at all
Is that the sun can't come to call
And do you wonder
Do you glance
The way they twinkle 
It's like a dance
As the vast open space
Of silent emptiness you face
Is but the reverie 
Of within to always be
A new dawn to catch the light
Everything will be alright 
And I know it don't make sense to say
But I sense that it will be okay
As the revolutions make the sky
Appear different to the eye
The heavens in the clouds to bask 
It's everything that it will ask 
But give only all you've got
I know it isn't a lot 
But here to know and here to fold
You must be brave, you must be bold
And hear the call as it issues forth
I'm just speculating on the porch
As I stare into the infinite 
Everything will be alright 

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