The Path

I will walk the path you weave
As it's written on your sleeve
To announce and herald true 
The God of Love that issues from you 

And I will dance to every tune 
Even if it's just in my room 
As the beat makes a flow
And there is nothing that I know 

But love for thee
As it's held eternally 
In the moment you call Now
I walk in the field I plough 

To be the stars in the night sky
They shine and I don't know why 
But consent to walk with only love
To point the way from the above 

As celestial moves my bones
Away from the old tomes
Into a new bidden sphere
The present moment is always here

And holds each breath anew
It is living me and you 
It is counting every beat
And every step that your feet

Take to be brave and bold
The story is, as yet, untold
But see through the manifold reason
Everything is but a season

Written on the canvas white
The movie screen doesn't fight
But lets the play go on awhile
With a quiet silent smile 

And if you dare to quest anew
Know that the answer is always you
In the seafaring ways you go
Look within and know

That where you are is where you'll be
And you are already free
To be the wings of destiny
Open up your eyes to see

And let it go and let it fly
There is no reason why
But the one you find within
Give it leave to begin

And you will find a new route
That is no way but the Truth
In it's own refrain 
Standing outside in the rain

Singing love without pain 
I want to hear that song again
So trust once more in what is there
It is every answered prayer

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