Growing Panes

“Go, run, hide, under your bed”
Did you not know that I am dead?
As a child in her infancy
I swore the dream would not have me
To Hakuna the Matata
I’m four and the Aga
Khan is breaking down my neck
I wonder what comes next
As I nightmare T-Rex
And wake up to the suspect
That when you walk to fear
It vanishes my dear
When you stand your dragon ground
The fire doesn’t make a sound
But quells itself upon your name
Raise your hand and stop the game
That tit tat toes you forever
In fruitless Endeavour
I let the lucid dream take me
Risked the depth and am free
To always be shackled down
So people will know the sound
Of chains breaking when I speak
I may be young, I amn’t weak
I may be small, I amn’t thin
I may be here and not within
But if you pierce the diamond flesh
An archetype of what is next
To reverberate the whole
I’m no soldier but I’ve got soul
And I’m strong enough to kill you
Go ahead, I dare you to

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