Settle the Score

Just because you settle doesn’t mean I will
And there are things you do that slowly kill
The heart inside of you dying to be reborn
The flesh and the blood that are still warm
So don’t ask me questions and expect an honest answer
When you take your knives to kill the dancer
I just slip out of arms and decrees
And you can go on living life on your knees
And I will set a new ship on the horizon
You think you have it down but it shouldn’t be surprising
That I would throw it all back into your face
For the superficial that you do deface
For though I do skim on the ice of my being
There is an underneath that you simply aren’t seeing
And so what I like to move with the flow of who I am
Your stationary and static and you don’t understand
So be caustic with your words, it won’t change my mind
You are part of the lies I leave behind
To shatter a soul that never could give in
I didn’t come to play, so if you want to win
Then go ahead and be the guest and tea
You can have the world but you never will have me.

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