I would’ve cut it myself if I knew men could climb hair.

The intense rejection on a soul level
Makes you appear to be the devil
Denial of beauty, denial of us
Denial of love, denial of trust
Denial of me and the losing of paper
And I lose my head to the male caper
Of the forests of trees in the garden outside
Do you know people kill what’s alive
And I resist but I do persist
Until I can leave I bide time
To write on the wall about the divine
And the ephemerality of you
Always finding waves you can move through
And I cannot hate you, only acknowledge
I was deceived in the college
When I believe impossibly
That there could be love between you and me
But only an ash, only an age
Only a rip and only a page
As goodbye pulls me with all of its might
I put out the light and then put out the Light