Is it awful that the dirt you drag
Only makes me want you so bad
Is it awful that your lesser self
Doesn’t make me want someone else
Is it awful that your bad traits
Only make me want to wait
Until you realise the truth
Of what happened in our youth
Is it awful that I still
Hope the tables turn until
The window ledge is on the open
I knew you weren’t coping
But I had the back you walk
With hawk eyes in our talk
And when you made the switch you see
You made it with me
Don’t hate on your Guardian Angel
Because she wasn’t failing
An eye open and one eye winked
He closes his and I blinked
To wake up the light he loves
In the escape of turtle doves
I will remake the whole
I will give him back the soul
That he lost so long ago
There’s nowhere I wouldn’t go, you know
And my patience has been tried and tested
But your where my attention’s invested
And you are worth more than pennies
Tell me again how I left you manys
The time so long ago
The truth will clear up the flow
That you’ve been riding like a river
I didn’t ask you to forgive her
Only learn how to love
The girl that I once was
For human is as human does
And though there may be blood
It doesn’t mean I’m not the same
I’ll come when you call my name
As always, the faithful one
With love, the Love undone

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