The Dream is Dead


Hanging with the girls who do not eat
Is another kind of being asleep
And the empathy will rise
When I see the terror in their eyes
At the prospect of being found out
“I don’t know what I’m about”
But I cannot help by looking on
So now is a time to be gone
So I can revolve the Earth
The innocents are the ones who hurt
Under the labelling decree
Under the being just like me
Under the belong they’ll never be
Don’t try to fit in, just wait and see
And love the skin that you walk
When people talk, just let them talk
Because eventuality
Is circumstantuality
And no one’s weak and no one’s small
But I will die for them all
And in that so would you
Its a tag team in what we do
Though unbeknownst to ourselves
We are building something else
A New Earth to rise the fold
There will be a growing old
And up and out and fresh
I think this could be the best yet
And I’ve made a life out of skipping stones
But I always do it alone
And now collectively we see
The hindrances fall infinitely
Back into the grey of ash
The old world is not coming back
But burning, burning in the lava
I am done with this palava
Let the smoke signal plumes
Rest upon the sand dunes
Instead of letting the heat scorch your skin
Look, fire is within

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